A plural word connects these images:

visual-5key           visual-WVseal

visual-auction visual-ammo

visual-tête-à-tête           visual-map

visual-noexit     visual-show


What is the word, and what are the connections?

Part of a entry: I, for one, welcome our new ...

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partial maybe?



title "tuck" - tuck points or tuck pointing is when you use 2 contrasting colors of brick and mortar
1. decimal points or percentage points
2. seal points ? - like as in the color of coat of cats West Point(s)? (as per Silenus's comment) edit: Points, West Virginia (the place) as per Rubio's comment
3. selling points?
4. bullet points
5. conversational/talking points
6. the compass points north, or the points of a compass
7. points of entry
8. points of view
9. points of integration? action points or points in time and space (by Gareth's comment)? Lagrangian Points

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    $\begingroup$ +1 - This looks pretty promising to me. Nice job! Neither seal points nor points of integration seem very likely though - can you find more convincing explanations for them? $\endgroup$
    – Rubio
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 4:39
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    $\begingroup$ Although completely unnecessary, Compass points, Entry points, and Viewpoints are valid ways of expressing each, which may fit better as a pattern with your other answers... $\endgroup$
    – Xylius
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 8:56
  • $\begingroup$ You make excellent points here, @indubitablee, and that pesky last one looks suspiciously like a likely suspect, but I don't have pencil and paper handy to verify that $\endgroup$
    – humn
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    $\begingroup$ @humn Gareth already saved you the trouble of working it out, methinks. $\endgroup$
    – Rubio
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    $\begingroup$ The seal clues West Point, a town in WV. $\endgroup$
    – DyingIsFun
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 20:03

Seeking the key to __
Seeking Statehood (Seal has date in which WV became a state)
Seeking a bidder Seeking a target (or Self-guided "seeking" bullet) Seeking a conversation
North Seeking
Seeking Entry
Seeking different points of view
Seeking a solution

I kinda finagled some of these - just a guess

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Very partial and probably entirely wrong answer

The best I can find so far -- which I'm about 95% sure is wrong -- is


mostly because of the coincidence between

mountaineers (the montani in the West Virginia seal's motto) and the old saying that "walls have ears". There's an auctioneer too, but only one of him.

But I don't see any plausible way to link this with anything else. Another thing that's probably just an amusing coincidence is that we have

an auction and the action (for a single scalar field in classical field theory). But again I don't see any way to take this further; no obvious reactions, factions, or actins.

  • $\begingroup$ Hmm you can make a lots of connections with ERS or EERS but I'm not sure that counts as a word $\endgroup$
    – n_plum
    Commented Apr 13, 2017 at 23:44
  • $\begingroup$ Doesn't each of the final equations represent an action, thus yielding the plural actions? I don't know Lagrangian mechanics or field theory or wherever these equations come from, but I thought that there were two actions represented there. $\endgroup$
    – DyingIsFun
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 0:42
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    $\begingroup$ Nope. The first equation tells you how to compute an action (conventionally denoted S) by taking an integral of the so-called Lagrangian density over all of space and time. The second tells you how to compute a Lagrangian as an integral over space (but not time). That one isn't an action, but its time integral would be. $\endgroup$
    – Gareth McCaughan
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 1:20
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    $\begingroup$ No "-eer" type funny business going on here, the word is a proper Scrabble word. Some of the links are a bit more obscure to keep this from being solved in 10 minutes (one for sure probably deserves a trivia and/or knowledge tag which I may add) but overall this should be solvable. Keep trying :) $\endgroup$
    – Rubio
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Here's my answer, and some reasons why.

Friends, because under 5% of people you meet in life become very good friends, friends will go on a thousand mile trip together over Easter break to West Virginia to see one of the friends' mom and climb around the mountains, at least one of your friends will be related to an auctioneer, friends will enjoy a few rounds of plinking with you, friends will be perfectly happy to talk with you about nothing at all, friends will give you directions when you get lost, friends are always there when you get into something you can't find a way out of, friends will show you different views of the world, and when you are 100% certain the universe is flat, they will go to extreme lengths to provide proof that you are wrong just to make you work harder to prove yourself right, even if you really are wrong.

Friends will also tuck a blanket in around you while you are asleep just because they care.

  • $\begingroup$ In case it needs to be said - um, no, friends is not the correct word. Thanks for trying :) $\endgroup$
    – Rubio
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 3:49
  • $\begingroup$ :) I'll admit I had to look up the scaler field thing to learn about that, but it turned out my instinct was right, that was connected to friends too! Lol. Since it is giving me negative points though, I recognize that humor is not acceptable here and will delete my answer. I do enjoy all your puzzles though, thank you for creating and sharing them $\endgroup$
    – N2ition
    Commented Apr 14, 2017 at 15:03

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