As you continue down the corridor, you come across a door and panel, clearly left untouched for many years. Hoping to get lucky, you try the door but it is locked. On the panel is a line of 6 buttons, colored RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE. As you search, you notice writing in the dust. You can faintly make out what appears to be:

       CR N
       PL F

How do you proceed?

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Making this community wiki so maybe someone else can take it from here:

The dust appears to contain the color names except for YELLOW, it contains BLUE twice, and I'm not sure what the word preceding the colon is. "PRESS" perhaps?

enter image description here

CreatedByBrett got the final bit:

enter image description here


Beastly Gerbil's answer covered everything except the meaning of the characters on the left. I think I got that and can answer the question.

The characters in the dust are instructions to follow. Some parts of the letters have been smudged out. Filling them in, we get: https://i.sstatic.net/QvCRH.png

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