How many minutes are there in February 2017?

This is "puzzling golf". The shortest correct answer wins.

PS: The puzzle is not so much to compute the result, but rather to express it in fewer than 5 digits.

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As pointed out, there are

28 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 40,320 minutes in February 2017.

This can be expressed as:

(4x7) days x (3x8) hours x (1x2x5x6) minutes = 8! minutes.

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I can do it in just 2 symbols (excluding the word minutes):

8! minutes

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The shortest answer I can think of:



The word "minutes" does not appear in "February 2017"

But if you're looking to express the actual duration of the month in minutes, 40320, how about this:



base 40320.

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The Prime Factors :

$2^7\times 3^2\times 5\times 7$
(without the exponents it's 4 numbers)

Or HEXA powa :)


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