Undeviginti - An Enigmatic Puzzle in the theme of the ancient times

Welcome, my puzzlers. Let the puzzling begin.

*Just yesterday, I was emailing my friend Bob. Somewhere in the process of him sending an email, I received something weird. Th. t.xt w..


Beep... - Beep... - Beep - Beep

I woke up in the hospital. I couldn't remember anything. There was no-one else I could find in the hospital; in the city; in the world. They all disappeared. All gone. An hour later, a phrase echoed through my mind. It goes: 'Bob, he's alive. He has an apparatus that needs a code. The code is "IUVA NOS". I will give you the gift of one teleportation. You have one hour to make up your mind to where you will go. You have until midnight. If you succeed, the earth has passed the test and I will revive all. Else...' I look at a piece of paper. It reads: 'Go hang out with Bob. itlmxubg VpqIcrxn.' So Bob is at Bob's house, then? I ran to his house (saving my teleportation), only to find no-one there.

Where is Bob? (In which country?)

Hint #1:

Start with reading on the itlmxubg VpqIcrxn (Hint contains enigmatic clues)

Required #1:

I see that in the 'translation' of a code, the 'translator' didn't like some characters. or � should be the character ' as in he's/isn't.
The location ? is intended, however, the ? in the date should be should be Γ or γ. Could be represented as |". There are no enigmatic clues given away in this Required. It makes up for an unfixable error.

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Bob is in

United States of America


ROT-7(Undeviginti which is a Latin hint towards ) on "itlmxubg VpqIcrxn" gives pastebin CwxPjyeu

OP-EDIT The code was ROT-7 decrypted because it was encrypted in 'Undevingti' (XIX or 19 in Latin). You use 7 to decrypt because decryptor = 26 - encryptor (26-19=7).

Which is

a Pastebin Link which gives



Treating the above as HEX and converting it to ASCII gives

From: user304842@puzzling.stackexchange.com
To: bob@bobs-mail.me
Location: ?
Date: Text btvmt xlm, ?, 7E1
Subject: Undeviginti

Hey Bob,

How ya doin? Im looking forward to our hangout tomorrow at the show!
Im already in the hotel, waiting for you. Hope you have a nice trip!


Your pal Puzzle.

Applying Required for the above we get

From: user304842@puzzling.stackexchange.com
To: bob@bobs-mail.me
Location: ?
Date: Text btvmt xlm, ?(Γ/γ), 7E1
Subject: Undeviginti

Hey Bob,

How ya doin? I'm looking forward to our hangout tomorrow at the show!
I'm already in the hotel, waiting for you. Hope you have a nice trip!


Your pal Puzzle.


Lets try to figure out each part of "text btvmt xlm, Γγ, 7E1"

textbtvmtxlm -> Rot 7 again -> Alea iacta est -> January July of Roman Calendar (As per OP July was hinted for Julius Caesar to which the phrase was quoted)
Γγ -> Gamma in Greek -> 3
7E1 -> Hex to Decimal -> 2017

So Finally

The date is 3rd July 2017 and Bob is in USA as he received a mail for the event the next day which is 4th July 2017 -> American Independence Day

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    $\begingroup$ I used a hex to string converter on the pastebin text and got something more meaningful. $\endgroup$ – Ankoganit Feb 11 '17 at 10:37
  • $\begingroup$ You found the pastebin! Succes! But the encryption is a simple hex encryption. I knew this would be the most difficult, since there are so many encoders, but a simple Google search gives you enough. $\endgroup$ – Duncan Feb 11 '17 at 10:39
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    $\begingroup$ IUVA NOS isn't encoded; it's just a phrase to make the story nicer. It's Latin for 'Save us!' $\endgroup$ – Duncan Feb 11 '17 at 10:40
  • $\begingroup$ Also, the answer must say why decoding is ROT-7. Think title. $\endgroup$ – Duncan Feb 11 '17 at 10:43
  • $\begingroup$ You should try and convert every single part of the date (month, date, year) into a number. I will give you year, since it is not part of the puzzle. The year, which you already discovered, was a hex. In decimal it's 2017. The month and date are.. Well.. See title, ancient. $\endgroup$ – Duncan Feb 11 '17 at 14:17

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