The answer to this puzzle is what this puzzle is missing, besides well drawn pictures

enter image description here



After applying this, you now get:

-.-. --- -.. . ... - .- --.   from all the lines and dots in the images themselves,
which is CODES TAG.   (Found by @Will; confirmed by OP)

(I originally followed the rebus pattern of subtracting right from left and got "TEST" out of it, but that wasn't the intended answer.)

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    $\begingroup$ There appears to be said code in the pictures, which looks like it says CODES TAG $\endgroup$ – Will Feb 11 '17 at 4:35
  • $\begingroup$ Will's right. The pictures hide dots and dashes in them, and the answer is that the puzzle is missing a CODES TAG because I didn't want to give away that it was more than a rebus! $\endgroup$ – stacksfiller Feb 11 '17 at 5:09

Partial solution:

The rebus is Morse Code.
Mohawk - hawk = mo
Diverse - dive = rse
Cobra - bra = co
Deliver - liver = de

The next part was tricky to figure out, but Will pointed it out in a comment.

Using the current International Morse code, and determining which lines and dots are part of the solution:
The dashes and dots in the eyes of the face with the mohawk, -.-. is C.
The three vertical lines in the hawk's head, --- is O.
The vertical line and the dots representing the eyes, -.. is D.
The large dot representing the pool, . is E. The three dots on the cobra, ... is S.
The large line in the middle of the bra, - is T.
The wheel (dot) and base (line) of the dolly, .- is A.
Finally, the dashes in the equal sign and the circle representing the liver, --. is G.
The gives us Codes Tag, since the puzzle is missing the tag for codes.

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