Here is the puzzle:

If Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother,
What am I to Teresa?

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The only 100% correct answer I can think of is

You are the parent of her grand child.


Son in law assume that you are married. Which you might not be.
It is also possible that you are simply Teresa's daughter. Why not.

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    $\begingroup$ @QaisarSatti "My daughter's mother" can be describing the mother herself. $\endgroup$ – stack reader Jan 20 '17 at 10:00

You are

Teressa's Daughter


"Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother"
my daughter's mother is actually me (i.e. the person who is asking the puzzle).


Teresa's daughter is me (i.e. the person who is asking the puzzle is Teresa's daughter).
Note: As there are only females available for the answer, the answer cannot be a male.


Another simpler explanation

Teresa - > Daugter -> X -> is My Daugter's Mother -> Me

Hence X = Me
Hence, I am Teresa's Daughter

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You are Teresa's

Son in law


your wife is Teresa's daughter


You are:

Her son-in-law. Her daughter, your wife, is the mother of YOUR daughter.


There are are only two solution-answers to this puzzle.


I am married to Teresa's daughter then I am the son-in-law of Teresa. If I was ever married and I am no more I am an ex-son-in-law.


I had my daughter out of wedlock, then Teresa is simply my daughter's maternal grandmother.


You are

Teresa's SON in LAW, because your wife is Teresa's daughter.


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