Consider a typical private parking garage for a condominium or apartment building.

There is currently a typical garage gate that opens and closes (slowly) to allow vehicles to pass safely through the gate.

What is the optimal method for preventing access into this garage by pedestrians/foot traffic, but ensuring the same safe entry/exit for vehicles?

The goal is to make sure people cannot enter/exit through the same gate that vehicles may enter/exit.

Practically implementable solutions only, please. Cost need not be a factor.


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Tunnel Car Wash

This system allows a car to safely pass through a series of industrial-grade cleaning equipment. Parts of a car wash typically include arrays that spray the vehicle with pressurized liquid, or large motorized brushes that wipe the car's exterior.

While this is safe for an automobile, it is a very bad method of entry or exit for a pedestrian.

If the garage is privately owned, and cost is not a factor, then the owner can hire a contractor. The contractor will then figure out a way to install the car wash system next to the gate.

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Have a pressure gate.

We have this at my school, there is a white square in front of the gate which the vehicle drives onto. This is a pressure plate, and if the vehicle is on it it will identify the weight and the gate opens.

Even if many people stood on it, it would not open (yes we tried that).

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A metal detector ought to do the trick.



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