What's shaped like a telephone, has three corners and spits far?


Two blondes, Confectioner's sugar.

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Is it

A shower?

What's shaped like a telephone,

The head of a traditional telephone is similar in shape to some showerheads [enter image description here

has three corners

Corner shower trays typically have three corners with one curved edge enter image description here

and spits far?

Yes. But it depends on water pressure.

Two blonds

Could be brass taps? Or a pair of blondes in the shower?

Powdered sugar

-Is showered over cakes? I dunno...

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A Banana

Hint response:

Sweet white (confection sugar) fruit between yellow (blonde) peel.

Shaped like a telephone:

Ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone!

...has three corners...:

Split a banana open. It has 3 segments, all triangular-like pieces fitted together.

...and spits far:

At first I read it as "splits far" but perhaps in reference to cartoons (e.g. the old Warner Brothers cartoons) where the banana is squeezed/stomped on and it fires like a gun? Still thinking on this bit..


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