Okay, this is stolen from Matt's Metacryptic puzzle.

  1. Former PM, a backless Camera with an opposing kill. (7)

  2. Exertion without myself gets a headless era;Puzzling? (7)

  3. Affection is the body of the toil mixed with the heartless villainy. (4)

7 is the number of letters of the final word.


final answer

Cameron strange love (7)
  →   ROMANCE   (Cameron strange [ROMANCE*]; love [def.])

Words found by @Chris Cudmore (word 2)
  and @Silenus (words 1 & 3) in a now deleted answer:

1. CAMERON   (Former PM [def.]; a backless Camera [CAMER] + ...)
            ... the completion is: (+ opposing kill [NO< (vote)])
            ... OP's intention was: (+ opposing kill [ON: opposite of "off"])

3. LOVE   (Affection [def.]; the body of the toil [(p)LO(d)]; heartless villainy [V(il)E or E(vi)L];
            mixed with [ → LOVE])



STRANGE STRA (-i) N + (-a)GE


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