It was Christmas at my Uncle's and I rushed downstairs waiting to see the present he had bought for me. But instead of a giant wrapped gift, I found a puzzle.

My greetingc! I hope you are woll.

If you are reading my letter you’ll be disappointed because you didn’t get a present, but soon howejer you will be joyful indaed.

So lets go ahead and begik our venture into my realm of puzzling…

Try thinking over all being caid, and look for cluus.

After you’ve found them, you must continue. Eo now!

Kill your plans, as I have lany idaas and twists waiting for you…

Evem if you get some of my firsd clues, I included a lot more. You may now start. Start searching!

Sincerely, your uncle.

Under that was a list of letters:

fedcg - faged - fage - cafbed - afe - agedf - gefc

Can you figure out where your present is?


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The first letters say


The letters which have been changed from the original words spell:

seven segment

Now, from Wikipedia,

enter image description here

if we look at the note and use the letters, we get

b E f O r E h

So, we look at the letters that we find before the h in the text, and we get:


So I suggest that you must:

go upstairs and find your present in the attic!

  • $\begingroup$ good start, (and the first letters of the sentences say MISTAKES) $\endgroup$ Commented Dec 29, 2016 at 17:49

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