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The door swings open. You step through, and it closes - thud - behind you.

You look around. You are in what appears to be a normal living room, with some chairs, couches, and a coffee table. On the coffee table is a red notebook, marked simply Clue.


You open it to the first page. There is a very strange sentence:

Your Question is Finally loaded.

enter image description here
It looks like it could have come from puzzling.SE, talking about Questions, but...

You shrug.

You look at the next page:


My, what an ugly emoticon, you think.

Baffled, you head to the next page:

9 days forth, the ghouls depart.
Xanter must be protected at all costs.
87 wounded - must return.
t'Was dead.
o'Toole traitor - he betrayed us to the Yalshikites.

You close the notebook, baffled by the strange pages. On the back cover, you see one more thing:

C? y have you done this? Zelda will usurp! Caster will kill me! Help!

Can you help find out what's going on here, and find the Clue?

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From the back cover...

Taking the first letter of each sentence gets https://i.sstatic.net/CyZCH.png

Which is

enter image description here



Doing the same for the other page gets


Which is

enter image description here



There is also (Thanks @DisplayName!)


which is

enter image description here

and by clicking on the 'What on Earth' line you get


which is

enter image description here

and also (Thanks again @DisplayName) in the top right off the emoji link


which is

enter image description here



Which is

enter image description here

And that is ROT 13 for

'lunch on one of saturns moons'

To which the answer, thanks @Scconibulus, is

IODINE - IO being a moon, DINE being to have lunch


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