I'm not breaking any laws. Then, I keep doing what I've been doing. Suddenly, I am breaking the law. A short while later, still not alteration to my behavior, I'm not breaking any laws again.

Now, to make it harder - it's crucial and important that the action is something that most of us do, have done and will keep doing. There might be a few exceptions but I'd dare to say that (almost) everybody knows about it and is friends with someone who does it. It's a very common thing and one can see it pretty much everywhere and all the time.

How is it possible? What's the action?

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You could

Be walking.


You're simply walking along which isn't against the law...

But then

You walk into a private property and thus are trespassing.

And then

You walk out of the property and are no longer trespassing.


The question says that the action is a common thing which many do, well lots of people walk for enjoyment.

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It's true, this could apply to a lot of things. But the one that comes to my mind is

You're going the speed limit, then you hit a school zone, then you're out of the school zone. If you never change speeds you'd be breaking the law through the school zone.


Basically, anything.

You're walking along (parallel to) a road, suddenly you're jaywalking to cross another road, and then you're fine again.
OR You're hunting ducks during duck season, then rabbit season is declared. And after a while it's duck season again. (Yeah, I don't know how hunting works, but I saw this... err... in a documentary).
OR, As Beastly Gerbil points out, you could walk across private property.
OR You park your car on the odd side of the street (on a street that has those rules) for 3 days starting with an odd day.

etc. ad nauseam.


My first thought was parking in a zone with time dependent rules. (No parking 7-9am).


Maybe I have a dirty mind but my first thought was

Sleeping with someone an hour younger than you when you turn 18 (or whatever the age of consent is) and they don't for another hour.

Probably not the intended answer but likely the worst potential legal consequences.

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