The clues are hidden in the following paragraphs:

"Xenon knows creation defiantly." Kobold Company is in the business of isolating trace amounts of this element. Creating vials of inert gases literally from thin air is a difficult task. Despite the complexity, however, Kobold Company is a strong leader in the industry, producing hundreds of thousands pounds of the gas per year.

I am an employee of Koblod Company, but not just any employee. I was one of the first four, if you don't count the "office pets" and TV friends shown on the office's most popular show. People call me a strange character. I have taken on many roles whenever I deemed them necessary. Once, I have taken the role of an actuary. Another time, I baked a friend a cake when he was feeling upset. More recently, I devised a free reminder system and launched it to the public. I've been a truther of late, and an informer of water requirements.

I mainly go by two names. What is one?

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My guess is you're

Black Hat, from XKCD

Because "Xenon knows creation defiantly."

Is XKCD, and he was one of the earlier characters.

Also, we can see this by looking...

...at the first letters from each sentence in the first paragraph.

He's filled all the roles mentioned, as seen below:











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Are you ...

Black Hat?
first appearance http://xkcd.com/12/ and one of the first regular characters.

Xenon knows creation defiantly = xkcd.
no idea what Kobold Company refers to.

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    $\begingroup$ For your question about Kobold company, rot13: Ybbx ng gur svefg yrggre bs rnpu fragrapr. $\endgroup$ Commented Sep 30, 2016 at 6:50

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