Fred has a puzzle. The instruction sheet, which is separate from the equation,simply says: "Make this equation true. You may ONLY draw ONE, PERFECTLY straight line". The equation is all alone on a blank piece of paper and reads:


There are 4 acceptable answers. You must get all 4 for a correct answer.

  1. Cross out the equals sign

  2. Turn the first $+$ into a 4 giving $545+5=550$

  3. Turn the second $+$ into a 4 giving $5+545=550$

  4. Turn the equals sign into less than or equal to

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I think the fourth answer, which hasn't been posted yet is:


That makes all of them:


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negating the equality.

You could negate the entire statement, depending on how you interpret the equation...
5+5+5=550    could evaluate to "true" in some contexts... ^^

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I'd put a line

on one of the plus signs, straight up.
The equation would read 545 + 5 = 550


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