Here is the ciphertext:

Fhrmt z dvyhrgv gl wzgz-nrmv gvcg rh zyhlofgvob zyhfiw. Blf xlfow szev fhvw zmbgsrmt vohv, yfg blf qfhg SZW gl fhv gsv hkvxrurx dvyhrgv dslhv dvynzhgvi zoivzwb szgvh fh! Mld dv'iv zoo yzmmvw uiln zxxvhhrmt gsv kztv. Tllw tlrmt, blf ifrmvw rg uli fh zoo!

Your clue: With this cipher, "all" becomes "zoo".


It's an

Atbash cipher

and it says

Using a website to data-mine text is absolutely absurd. You could have used anything else, but you just HAD to use the specific website whose webmaster already hates us! Now we're all banned from accessing the page. Good going, you ruined it for us all!


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