You can give me anything, I will shrink it and hand it back.

Give it to me again, and I will return it to full size

What am I?


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Could it be

A zipping program (winzip, winrar, etc)

Reason is pretty self explanatory.

Zipping files reduces size, the program will also unzip which brings it back to its original size.

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Possible answer

Shrinking and Growing Head Illusion

The reason:

The illusion is supposed to make the mind think an object is either growing or shrinking based off of a spiraling circle.

  • $\begingroup$ Inventive, I will give you that. Not what I was looking for, but meh, illusions. $\endgroup$ – Dan Brown Aug 15 '16 at 20:27

It could be

the inverse operation, $\large1/\underline~$;  i.e., the function $f(x)=\large\frac1x$.

$\color{black}{\text{If you give it }}\text{a number > 1, }$ $\color{black}{\text{it will “hand” you }}$ $\text{the inverse of that number, }$ $\text{which}$ $\text{will}$ $\text{be < 1 (and > 0).}$   $\color{black}{\text{Submit that }}\text{value to the function}$ $\color{black}{\text{again, }}$ $\color{black}{\text{and}}$ $\color{black}{\text{it}}$ $\color{black}{\text{will}}$ $\color{black}{\text{return}}$ $\color{black}{\text{the}}$ $\color{black}{\text{original}}$ $\text{number.}$

The argument can be made that this technically doesn't satisfy the terms of the question, because you (obviously) can't give it just anything.  There are some things that you can give it that will cause it to give you a larger thing.  But that's true for the accepted answer, too, and I'd be interested in seeing an answer that does literally answer the question.

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