I love my calculator, but something bad happened to it yesterday: It fell from the window.

When I ask some basic questions, my calculator gives me wrong numbers.

Here are the values:

What's $3\times7$?

= $2$

What's $5\times6$?

= $3$

What's $11\times5$?

= $5$

What's $4\times4$?

= $1$

What's wrong with my calculator? Why does it give these values?


Its processor is running well

$Note: This\space is\space a \space story.$


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I think:

the monitor / display is broken which results in the answer only showing the first digit:


3 x 7 = 2(1)
5 x 6 = 3(0)
11 x 5 = 5(5)
4 x 4 = 1(6)

As for the story:

You were piss with your maths test result and you blame your calculator! So it's not 'fell' from the window but rather 'thrown'


According to, that:

It fell from your window.

Your calculator:

Has part of the Display Screen damaged.


It will only print/output the partial result of what you're inputting.


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