My friend asked me this question while morning walk, I was not able to answer. (am happy that i didn't, will tell you the reason later).

A woman was attending her mother's funeral. She meets a man she's never seen before. She believes him to be her soulmate and falls in love with him. But she forgets to ask for his number, and when the day is over, she can't track him down. A few days later she murders her sister.

p.s. : Try to answer it with the first thing which comes to your mind!

I've searched for the actual source, will be adding it after it is answered.

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She kills her sister because

that's the only way she knows to find the man again. Since she doesn't have his number, she must create a new funeral for him to attend so they can meet again, and so callously murders her own sister to create a hookup opportunity.

You're glad you didn't think of this because

it's horrible.

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Because she realized

he might be a relative or someone close to her family since he attended the funeral. So she thought she can meet him again if another funeral rakes place in her family and she killed her sister for that.

You were happy that you didn't answered because,

this is a psychological question to find criminal mind :P


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