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The door swings open, to reveal [redacted] waiting there for you. Your jaw drops. You had no idea that this was so important, that she would get involved.

[redacted] steps towards you and hands you a piece of paper. It reads:

ho an head ded ho if an ac

But you don't immediately focus on it. Instead, you focus on the [redacted] family leader, A [redacted] C [redacted].

"What are you doing here?" you ask.
But instead of replying, she just smiled, and whispered, "You should go work on that now."
And stepping back, she disappears through a trapdoor.

You go to inspect the floor where she disappeared, but there's nothing. Those [redacted] scientists are good. You settle down on the floor in defeat, staring gloomily at the paper in your hand.

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And the answer is


All you have to do is to

add up the alphabetical value of all letters in the word to produce a new letter.


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