Inspired by this 11-letter word puzzle, another one goes below:

An 11-letter word for denoting something very ancient to us.

1-2-3 letters: used for denoting what occurs three times, be it a championship or a geometric shape.

3-4-5 letters: what the White Witch, Sub-Zero and queen Elsa have in common?

6-7-8 letters: not a little mouse, that one. It should avoid the Vietnamese cuisine, though.

9-10-11 letters: a fertility deity, but also commonly adopted by military.

What am I?



Triceratops, RAWR
Tri - 3 of a kind
ice - theye are all icy, throw in frozone for good measure
rat - rats are big (some teach turtles), in vietnam they ought to beware the rat snake
ops - operations (see: Black ops), the fertility deity is Ops or Opis, a latin deity. (Opis meant plenty)
Triceratops are arguably quite ancient having died ought round about 60 odd million years ago but some triassic dinos would likely disagree.

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The answer:

1-2-3: tri
3-4-5: ice
6-7-8: rat
9-10-11: ops

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