Can somebody tell me what is the answer to this puzzle? And why?

a busy cat


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It is


Because the third column

is the difference between the first and second column

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Answer is


Because of

XOR operator, applied on columns. Read more about XOR operator here

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Correct Answer is



Each column and row has exactly 2 circles.
Each of the four corners appears an even number of times in each column or row.

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    $\begingroup$ It looks more to me like you take both pictures, stack them on top of each other, and remove any overlap $\endgroup$
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It is


Because :

It works by column, and the third picture depends on the two first.
On the last symbol of the line, you add the symbols of the first and second pictures. If a form (triangle or circle) is present twice, you remove it. Else, you leave it. For example, for the first column : You add the first picture :
(1 triangle at the top right corner and 1 at the top left corner, and 1 circle at the middle), and the second one :
(1 triangle at the top right corner, 1 at the bottom left corner, 1 at the bottom right corner, 0 circle in the middle), so you get : 1 triangle at the top left corner, 2 at the top right, 1 at each bottom and 1 circle, so you just remove the top right one and it gives you the picture at the third line of column number 1.


The answer is:



The third picture in each row is the first picture plus the second picture, but with a bit of a twist. If a part of the first picture overlaps with another of the second picture, then remove that part when adding the pictures. Or else, continue with the addition. I've also made a picture so that it is clearer:
enter image description here
The parts in red are the parts to be removed, and the others in black are the parts to be combined to form the third picture. Hence, the answer is C, as C is the picture formed when the black parts of the first two pictures of the third row are combined.


I think it is simpler - It is


I see two rules:

1. If you scan the rows from the top in rows (vertically) or horizontally in columns, there is a rule that there are always two black solid circles in every row. So we are missing something with a solid black circle, possible answers are A, C, E.
2. All of the solid black circle symbols can be paired off as mirror images of each other, like this:
(a) the bottom left symbol is a mirror image of the middle one in the far right column.
(b) The one in the middle of the top row, is a mirror image of the one in the centre of the middle row.

Following this rule, the un-paired solid black remaining is the one at the top left. A mirror image of this is symbol E.

I'm assuming the three white square symbols (with no solid black circle), are just distractions/noise.

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