Bulls and Cows is a game that predates Mastermind but is closely related. The wikipedia has for first dates of Mastermind as 1970.

What is the earliest reference to the game Bulls and Cows?

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According to codebreaker-mastermind-superhirn.blogspot.co.uk

The exact year when the number guessing game Bulls and Cows was invented is not known. "Bulls and Cows has been played as a paper-and-pencil game for a century or more. I first played a computer version in 1968 on Titan, the Cambridge University Atlas" (John Francis, 2010 [dead link to "Bulls and cows.pdf"]).

A similar word guessing game "Jotto was invented in 1955 by Morton M. Rosenfeld and marketed by his New York-based Jotto Corp." (wikipedia.org)


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