Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet,

Sometimes I am a thing to eat,

Sometimes in drawer, sometimes in tree,

Sometimes a thing to do to me,

sometimes one but joined of two,

Sometimes a separate two in lieu.

What am I?


I think the answer is

Pair/Pear (and possibly also the homophone pare)

Sometimes bitter,

A balsam-pear is very bitter

sometimes sweet,

A ripe pear is sweet

Sometimes I am a thing to eat,

A pear is a fruit

Sometimes in drawer,

In a sock drawer, socks are arranged in pairs

sometimes in tree,

Pears grow on trees

Sometimes a thing to do to me,

You can pair a pair but you can also pare a pear.

sometimes one but joined of two,

A pair of jeans for example is one thing consisting of two legs.

Sometimes a separate two in lieu.

In cards, for example, you can have a pair of kings, which are two but separate.

Will you need one answer or two?

A pear or a pair?

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Milk Chocolate / Milk and Chocolate

Sometimes bitter...

Chocolate can be bitter or sweet

Sometimes a thing to eat

Chocolate is edible?!!!!! oh yeah... it is!!!!

Sometimes in drawer...

I happen to have chocolate bars stashed in drawers all over my house, tree- cocoa beans grow on trees

A thing to do to me...

It's a stretch, but cover... as in chocolate covered strawberries... or dip...

Sometimes one...

Chocolate milk would be one item that uses both chocolate and milk ingredients

Sometimes a separate...

Milk Chocolate or Milk and Chocolate

  • $\begingroup$ Sorry. It's nothing to do with milk and/or chocolate. although the two together could make quite the example of the answer. "Sometimes a thing to do to me" literally means that the answer can be done to the answer. $\endgroup$ Jun 9 '16 at 8:49

I think that the answer is:


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