A bunch of guests are invited to a talk show.

Host: Welcome! Would each of you give some brief introduction about yourself?

Guest 1: Sure. I like to read War and Peace. It's a story of my own life.

Guest 2: I have a good buddy. He's very active but I am way too lazy. That's probably why every time people take both of us in together, I'm always the one who gets kicked out immediately.

Guest 3: I'm black, but I often mingle with white guys. They say it's good for health.

Guest 4: I am right before guy before me.

Guest 5: Ich wurde am 9. November 1994 geboren.

Guest 6: I'm an IT guy. I have extensive experience working with iPhone, Xbox, Thinkpad, etc. Need my service? Call me at 737-373-7373

Guest 7: I am two floors below the guy below me.

Guest 8: Have you been to Yellowstone? I lo~~ve Yellowstone! Oh yeah, that fascinating smell!

Host: Okay...perfect. So, why are you all here today?

All: Together we make a country!

What country is it?


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Each guest is

a chemical element.

They are:

Uranium (U): used in war (nuclear bombs) and in peace (nuclear energy).
Nitrogen (N): inert gas, nitrogen is exhaled but more reactive oxygen is used in the body.
Iodine (I): purple-black solid, salt is often iodized to prevent iodine deficiency.
Tellurium (Te): one before iodine.
Darmstadtium (Ds): synthesized in Germany on 9 November 1994.
Tantalum (Ta): atomic number 73, used to make electronic components.
Tellurium (Te): two rows below sulfur.
Sulfur (S): the smell of hot springs comes from sulfides.

and together they make

UNITeDsTaTeS (United States).

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