Four groups of four friends each are having dinner at a restaurant. There are four tables, table A, B, C, and D, seating four each, arranged in a square like so.



Each table looks like this.


(Center of table)


Table A contains Alfred, Aisha, Andrew, and Amy.

Table B contains Bailey, Brian, Blake, and Beatrice.

Table C contains Charlie, Cathy, Cole, and Cindy

Table D contains Dale, Dorothy, Duncan, and Debbie

Where does everyone sit if

-Amy sits here at table A (Marked with an A)



  • Bailey sits across the tables to Amy's left.

  • Andrew wanted to discuss with Amy, and thus sat across from her.

  • Brian accidentally flung his spoon to his right, hitting Blake on the head.

  • Andrew and Alfred are not on good terms and chose to sit diagonal from one another.

  • Table C is comprised of married couples on each side.

  • Whenever Charlie turns around, he sees Andrew.

  • The person across to the left of the person in front of Cathy, who is married to Cole, is often mistaken for a character from The Wizard of Oz, because she shares a name with the main character.

  • Duncan tried to sit alone, but Debbie made him sit diagonal to her.

  • Dale is nervous because Duncan keeps staring straight forward at him while they eat.

This should be enough information.


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The friends seem to be sitting in this arrangement:

enter image description here

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