One man and one woman once loved each other very much. But there was always something or someone who came between them and they had to eliminate that person or thing. One was so beautiful, the world would shatter upon her smile. One was a conqueror which man feared upon dawn.

This is a story about 2 lovers who were once united.


Can you find out who I am talking about (also explain your answer)?


In the text, there is a clue about what you need to do.


To tell you the truth, the puzzle couldn't be invented before the 20th century.






There isn't an equal amount of numbers as letters. This is done on purpose.


The math you need to do can be done by a 10 year old. It's not that hard. Like plus & minus etc, nothing complex. If you catch my drift :)

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In case it's helpful to others, here are the

ASCII values HTML entity codes for the Greek letters involved.
They're the decimal ones, since one of the hints alludes to decimal.
ξ 958 17 β 946 10 Ε 917 δ 948 17 Φ 934 20 ϒ 978 10 Λ 923 7 Θ 920 21 Δ 916 12 ν 957 Γ 915 15 Ο 927 Χ 935 10 Δ 916 21 Η 919 13 τ 964 20 ο 959 17 ϑ 977 Ψ 936 5 Ρ 929 Ω 937 σ 963 8 ε 949 ω 969 18

There are 24 of the greek letters and 17 of the intervening numbers. Based on the text of the puzzle ("...something or someone who came between them and they had to eliminate that person or thing...") and hints, it seems like some basic math manipulation of these numbers may lead to the answer.

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Partial Answer Thoughts:

Is it Venus and Mars? Or in Greek Aphrodite and Ares? "came between them" might mean that they were "divided". I can't reconcile the math and encodings yet. Maybe some smart puzzler will be able to make that connection soon!


Earth comes between them. Venus de Milo is a "shattered" beauty. Mars is the god of war (the conqueror) and the planet can be seen at dawn.

The rest is all Greek to me.

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Sun and Moon.


Earth came between them during eclipse; sun was worshiped and feared in ancient times. And moon was part of earth, which was once part of sun, so they were united once.

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