A limbless veteran seeks euthanasia
A sad and lonely person is where two edges meet all the time, though I'm not sure why
An ensemble of the musically inclined escaping towards freedom

What phrase/idiom does this represent?

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One Man Band
I have a Harmonica you can borrow.

The three lines correspond to three songs.

Song #1

One - Metallica
The clue refers to the book "Johnny Got His Gun" and this song is about it. The music video includes footage from the movie.

Song #2

Question asker's intended answer:
Man on the Corner by Phil Collins
This is about a man on the corner who is there everyday but the singer isn't sure why

Original Answerer's answer (before edit to remove ambiguity)
Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
This song is about a man who's girlfriend left him so he's camped on a corner and telling people to tell her where to find him.

Song #3

Band on the Run - Paul McCartney and Wings
This one was pretty literal

Final Step

Take the first words of the song titles and you have your answer.

PS: Bob Dylan is great.


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