I got closer to the vault. I knew someone clever created this. But who? I arrived to the door. It was password protected. Although lot of my memory was deleted, the place seemed to me so familiar. I also had the paper – I found at the place, where my mind was erased. I read it again:

When mathematics and rabbits meet, something happens –

π γ γ ω α τ β γα ωγ αδ ττ βμ γδδ ωαα ακκ

However, the truth is masked... –


10 people will understand this, which one are you? –


If you don't, then you are not one of twelve,

If you do, then you will arise as doctor!

-Someone, you hate

Then I got, what it means, and I opened the vault...

Who is the narrator and what is the password to the vault?

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First clue:

clearly references the Fibonacci sequence, with each Greek letter denoting a digit: π=0 γ=1 ω=2 α=3 δ=4 τ=5 ε=6 κ=7 β=8 μ=9

Second clue:

Between this and the bit about 10 people understanding, some sort of bit masking is going to happen. using the key above, the text comes out to: 891111171143210210511411511632991111091129711010511111032341111023210110810111810111011610434

Launching off from Matt's continuation....

We use the mask to group the digits to form ASCII codes, which translate to: Your first companion "of eleventh". The 11th Doctor's first companion was Amy Pond.

The Narrator:

The Doctor himself.

The note writer:

The same Doctor, pre- memory wipe. The Doctor may actually hate many things (pears for example), but the only single individual he loathes, is himself (reference the 11th Doctor episode "Amy's Choice" for a quite literal example)

The password:

Amy Pond

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I made some progress working from Irishpanda's answer.

Who is the narrator / What is the password?

I don't know yet, but at this point, I will guess that the answer to one of those is

Amy Pond

The sequence from the second clue


This can be separated into groups of 2 and 3 digits using the mask (thanks, LeppyR64)

89 111 117 114 32 102 105 114 115 116 32 99 111 109 112 97 110 105 111 110 32 34 111 102 32 101 108 101 118 101 110 116 104 34

Mapping this as ASCII codes to letters:

Your first companion "of eleventh"

If you don't, then you are not one of twelve,

If you do, then you will arise as doctor!

This is a reference to Dr. Who. There have been 12 iterations of the Doctor. I'm no expert, but after some digging, I found the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his first companion, Amy Pond.

  • $\begingroup$ I thought the mask was how you broke up the groups of digits. $\endgroup$ – LeppyR64 May 17 '16 at 21:59
  • $\begingroup$ I think you're right, it matches up. $\endgroup$ – Irishpanda May 17 '16 at 22:07
  • $\begingroup$ Wow. Thanks, @LeppyR64! I'll update my answer. $\endgroup$ – Matt May 17 '16 at 22:24
  • $\begingroup$ don't feel right putting it in my answer, since you made the final leap. I'm pretty sure this is a message from the Doctor to himself. The theme of the Doctor's self-loathing has shown up in all the new series Doctors. See the episode "Amy's Choice" for an very literal example for the 11th Doctor. $\endgroup$ – Irishpanda May 17 '16 at 23:01
  • $\begingroup$ Go ahead, if you know it, take it! I have no familiarity with the show, so I would feel bad taking credit for some Google Fu $\endgroup$ – Matt May 17 '16 at 23:05

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