I have come to Greece as a tourist. But when I was wondering alone I have come in contact with the sphinx. This time it has asked me a new riddle. The riddle is as follows

What is it or who is it that walked on four legs, then on three, then on two and then again on four.

I asked the sphinx for mercy, so it gave me permission to ask the question on Puzzling Stack Exchange. I asked the sphinx if he could give me a hint, so the witty sphinx gave me a hint to a condition: that if anyone down-votes my question, he would not spare me. Please people, I'm relying on you to help me go back home. The hint is:

Your answer lies within a movie.

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    $\begingroup$ My itching hand wants to reach for the down vote button... $\endgroup$ – Xylius May 15 '16 at 5:34

I have not seen the movie, but I think the answer is:

Benjamin Button (from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).


Based on the plot summary and the trailer, the Benjamin Button character ages in reverse. So he first walks on crutches (four legs) as an old man, then uses a cane (three legs), then walks on two legs as an adult, and by the end of the movie is a baby (so I presume he is crawling on all fours).


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