This is my first riddle, so I hope it is not to easy.

Can you explain what I am calculating here?

Without N I am following the same creature like Alice


Add my short name to my long name and I become a King


With ITE I am the weakness of the strongest



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You are calculating

with the atomic weights of noble gases.
Neo (from Matrix) also had to follow a white rabbit, add N to get Neon = 10
Ar + Argon = Aragorn = 18
Kryptonite is the weakness of Superman, remove -ite for Krypton = 36
And finally, 10 + 18 + 36 = 64
Element 64 is Gadolin­ium.

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You are adding ...

... the element numbers of noble gases.

In particular:

Neon (10) without its last n gives Neo, who, like Alice, follows the White Rabbit in the Matrix.


Argon (18) with its chemical symbol Ar interspersed gives Aragorn, king of Gondor if I have read my Lord of the Rings correctly.


Krypton (36) plus ite gives Kryptonite, a mineral which is Superman's weak spot.


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