This is a sequel to ASCII Puzzler 1: Part 1 and a prequel to ASCII Puzzler 3: The Trees and https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/32439/ascii-puzzler-4-not-a-rebus.

Here is the second rebus I have for you to figure out:

---        O <---
 B --|--> -|-
---        /\

Here is another rebus I made. The main theme of this is arrows.

Hint 1: (if you reword it, this is a major hint)

After that the B was flat.

Hint 2:

A hint to Hint 1: strike out 1, 2, 3, 5.

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I hope this is wrong, but the answer could conceivably just be

B flat minor

on the grounds that

the person depicted is a miner (perhaps that nice round head is actually a miner's helmet) and he's got a flattened B attached to him. (And, er, "miner" and "minor" sound alike and "B flat minor" is a musical key.)

It seems unsatisfactory because

there is nothing in the puzzle that actually indicates that the person is a miner (or, I guess, a minor -- i.e., someone not yet legally adult), and all those arrows (featured so prominently in the title) end up not really signifying anything much

so I hope there's a better solution.

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My guess is that the rebus is referring to


via the phrase

"A sharp stick to the body goes right to the head"


B flat is equivalent to 'A sharp'. The vertical bar, |, is also called a stick. The arrow from the stick points to the body of the stick figure and the arrow 'going right' on the right points to the head. This may be referring to the apparent placebo effect associated with acupuncture.

Other possibilities

'The injection of drugs' or 'voodoo'

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Be with your crush, and hold hands and kiss??


B = Be
The B is getting crushed, and we also have the hint "After that the B was flat."

The rest is a bit of a stretch, but the arrows are pointing to the arms (/hand) and head (/mouth). And usually holding hands, kissing (and more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) is what you want to do with your crush.


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