If you don't have one
You wish to not have one.
But if you have one,
You wish to not lose it.

What is it?


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I think it is:

A lawsuit
Self explanatory really... Nobody wants a lawsuit, but if you have one then you don't want to lose

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The answer can be:

A fight


You don't want to fight, but if you're having a fight you don't want to lose.

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I think that the answer is :


If you don't have one You wish to not have one.

You don't want to have a temper!

But if you have one, you wish to not loosing it.

If you have temper, then you try not to lose it!

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Can it be

Glasses/ spectacles

  1. If a person does not wear glasses he wishes his eyes work perfectly for ever so that he never has to wear glasses

  2. But if he gets one because of bad sight he wishes he never looses them because without them he can't see , basically he can't do anything


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