I came across this question a couple of years ago and found it a bit challenging back then. So I thought I will share it with you guys (hope it's not a duplicate):


United States = Concrete

United Kingdom = Grass

France = Clay


Australia = ?

also, can someone help me with the tags please? :)

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Hardcourt (or whatever material it's made off - concrete like for the United States entry?)


Reference to the type of court the matching Grand Slam (tennis) tournaments are played on:
Roland Garros (France) is played on a clay court
US Open (US) is played on hardcourt
Wimbledon (UK) is played on grass

Which leaves:

Australian Open. Which is played on hardcourt.

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The Grand Slam tennis tournaments are played on hard court (US Open), grass (Wimbledon), clay (Roland-Garros) and concrete again (Australia Open)

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Hard court. It's the respective tennis tournaments' court type played in that country.

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