Two vertical posts are in level ground at 150 feet apart. A bendable cable, but one that does not stretch from its original length, is 150 feet and 1 inch in length. The cable is fastened in between the two vertical posts at ground level on each side.

The middle point of the cable is lifted up until it is taut, and the ground and the middle sections of the cable form an obtuse isosceles triangular shape.

Is there room enough for you to crawl through in the space between the ground and underneath the middle of the cable?

* The length of the cable has been edited. *


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I think

Probably? I mean, assuming you can pretty much just lie on the ground and scoot?


The isosceles triangle is also two right triangles with bases of $900$ inches and hypotenuses of $900.25$ inches, making the altitude about $21$ inches (actually $21.214676523$ish)


still yeah. I mean it's even longer. of course.

  • $\begingroup$ That's a commando crawl, which, I guess, is still technically a crawl. $\endgroup$ – Matt Mar 17 '16 at 18:34

Yes. Because each side of the cable can be considered an isosceles triangle with a right angle. We know the ground is 75 feet or 900 inches on each side, and the taut cable above it would be 900.25 inches.
900² = 810,000
900.25² = 810,450.0625
The positive square root of 450.0625 is about 21.2146765...
That should be enough room for most fit people, though it might be tight.


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