A little arithmetic to rock your brain. Each pair of equations is separate from the others. Within each pair, the variable to be solved for will represent the same thing, however other variables may or (most likely) may not.

Problem 1

Solve for D

Problem 2

Solve for E

Problem 3

Solve for P

This is my first time posting so feedback is welcome. Also, not sure how to tag it.


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EDIT: Oops, I guess I technically didn't "solve for" the correct things. Changes made below:

Problem 1

Kris + Kurt + Dave = Nirvana
Dave + Pat + Nate + Taylor + Chris = Foo Fighters
$D = Dave\ Grohl$

Problem 2

Keith + Eric + Chris + Paul + Jimmy (or Jeff) = Yardbirds
Eric + Jack + Ginger = Cream
$E = Eric\ Clapton$

Problem 3

George + John + Ringo + Paul = Beatles
Paul + Linda + Denny + Jimmy = Wings
$P = Paul\ McCartney$

Extra Stuff:

"Group" in the title, "rock" in the opening sentence of the description... ta-daaaaa

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