Nothing's shocking through the looking glass.

Shade with teeth.

In your face manslaughter.

Weird revolution turned on.

Commercial entertainment product 3.

What am I?


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They are

Album titles

1A - Nothing's Shocking - Jane's Addiction (1988)
1B - Through the Looking Glass - Siouxsie and the Banshees (1987)
2A - Shade - Living Colour (2016)
2B - With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails (2005)
3A - In Your Face - Fishbone (1986)
3B - Manslaughter - Body Count (2014)
4A - Weird Revolution - Butthole Surfers (2001)
4B - Turned On - Rollins Band (1990)
5A - Commercial Entertainment Product - Emergency Broadcast Network (1992)
5B - 3 - Violent Femmes (1989)

As for what you are? Until I delve deeper, I'm just going to say you're a Gen Xer. You probably owned some black lace-up boots.

- Some of these albums have featured people who were, at one point or another, members of Pigface


All of these bands were at the first Lollapalooza

The "grant" in the title refers to Grant Park in Chicago, the current location of the festival

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