I am white
Have some things brown
And something orange

My form is mostly round
But stems from imaginations

And when the time comes
I wither away
Until such a time
When they again can play

What am I?


A snowman.


I am white, Have some things brown, And something orange

Orange = carrot nose, Some things brown = twigs/branches for arms.

My form is mostly round, But stems from imaginations

Round = form of the sections making up a snowman,

And when the time comes I wither away Until such a time When they again can play

Withering away = melting in spring.

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You are

A Snowman

"Seasonal Riddle" and "I am white" phrase make me think of Winter. Then found it suited as below,
Brown - A snowman's coat
Orange - His nose
Round - His body
It is not always existed and will be melted in a time.
We can built it again when we like to play!

It's kinda easy riddle. :D

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes I think the title pretty much gave it away :D will be more mysterious next time :p $\endgroup$ – nine9 Jan 21 '16 at 8:36

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