There was an IQ test created by Random Person. A contestant attempts to answer all the questions but fails the last one. Here goes the conversation:

Random Person: You have 500 bricks in the plane. You drop one out. How many do you have left?

Contestant: Easy. 499 bricks.

Random Person: What three steps are needed to put an elephant into a fridge?

Contestant: Open the fridge, put the elephant inside, and close it.

Random Person: Now what four steps are needed to put the deer inside the fridge?

Contestant: Easy, open the fridge, take out the elephant, put in the deer, then finally, close the fridge.

Troll: The Lion King's party had every animal but who?

Contestant: The deer

Random Person: The old lady crosses the river filled with crocodiles. How does she do it?

Contestant: All the crocodiles are at the Lion King's party

Random Person: But she still dies afterwards. Why?

Contestant: Uhhh, she falls into a lava pit?

Random Person: Haha! You have failed the test! Now get out of here! IQ score: 0/100

How did the lady die from crossing the river? She made it to the other side, not eaten and not injured from crossing the river.

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The brick (from the plane) fell on her head.

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The old lady died afterwards because

Everyone dies eventually, and she was old so her death within a reasonably short time was expected anyway. She died in her sleep, painlessly and of natural causes.


the brick from the plane fell on her head

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