Following Peter Taylor's answer to The smallest crossword

 >   It's not hard to construct a 1x1 crossword:   . . .

A single-cell crossword could be called atomic.

  Surreal:    |10     |     Across          Down           Up          Diagonal
 (no black    |       |    ------------    -----------    --------    --------------
  squares)    |_______|    10. A cross.    10. __-ray.    10. Ten.    10. Two

    Zen:       #######                                     Behind
 (one black    #######     ------------    -----------    --------
   square)     #######                                    ?. _____


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The answer to "Surreal" is

X. X is a cross, ten in Roman numerals, and written as two diagonal lines; X-rays are a type of electromagnetic wave.


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