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That was easy!

The figures are n-cubes with half the size of the larger one. The numbers show in which half the little cube is in each coordinate:

2 1   -> high x, low  y -> top right
2 2   -> high x, high y -> bottom right
1 2 2 -> low  x, high y, high z -> back's bottom left

The next one is the tesseract, which can be divided in 16 half-sided cubes.

The one we want is at the top right, back and far side in the w-dimension:

Incredibly counterproductive

See? If I measured my time answering this question, it would be like this:

3%......Thinking about the puzzle
97%.....Trying to draw tesseracts with correct face occlusion on PAINT.

I'm surprised no one took a more practical approach in the meantime.


That would be a hypercube, looking something like enter image description here


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