You open a file and see the following codes. What do they mean?

05132: Some off facing
6309: A salmon sandwiching
32001: Be laid bacon
24322: A hi conveys
5039: Rebirth solved
66622: Tried oozing
63142: Abandon prows
41622: Honesty fool
0099: Noisily cut pluck

It's more-or-less impossible to solve without a hint, so here's the first one.

Hint 1:

Each number corresponds to its phrase in a certain way. All phrases together form a list of some sort, and all items in the list have something in common (which is why they can be arranged).

Hint 2:

If I generated the same file a few years later, its contents may be different.

Hint 3: Since this puzzle hasn't got any up-votes yet (but 57 views), it doesn't seem too popular. So here's the third hint already.

Yes, I just gave you the third hint. You didn't see it?


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The numbers correspond to

Reversed ID numbers of puzzles on this site created by user Gamow.

The phrases are

Anagrams of phrases that relate to each puzzle.

The complete list:

05132: Some off facing $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Game of coffins (How to beat Count Dracula)
6309: A salmon sandwiching $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Dancing animals show (The lion and the zebras)
32001: Be laid bacon $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Bob and Alice (The subtraction game)
24322: A hi conveys $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Heavy coins (Thirty genuine and seventy fake coins)
5039: Rebirth solved $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Devil's brother (The Devil's Brother)
66622: Tried oozing $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ No zero digit (The largest Monday number)
63142: Abandon prows $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Pawns on board (A lonely pawn on the chessboard)
41622: Honesty fool $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Lots of honey (Winnie-the-Pooh and the 27 honey pots)
0099: Noisily cut pluck $\;\;\;\rightarrow\;\;\;$ Unlucky politics (Thirteen politicians)

They are ordered by

number of votes, descending.


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