A guy lives in the 10th floor of an apartment building. On a normal day he goes to the 5th floor with the elevator and then climbs the remaining 5 floors. On a rainy day he goes to the 10th floor directly.

Why ?


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I think:

He is a short person, so he can't reach the button, when it's raining he has his umbrella to push the button for him

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    $\begingroup$ I was thinking about wet fire escapes but I like your version better! $\endgroup$
    – Liath
    Commented Oct 3, 2014 at 13:18
  • $\begingroup$ yes its the correct answer is he is short $\endgroup$
    – Elgert
    Commented Oct 3, 2014 at 13:22
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    $\begingroup$ @Elgert, then you should mark answer as accepted. $\endgroup$
    – klm123
    Commented Oct 3, 2014 at 13:31
  • $\begingroup$ Of course those who are so short as to suffer from an issue like this usually carry simple foldable 'reacher' to handle situations just like this. $\endgroup$
    – dsollen
    Commented Aug 12, 2016 at 17:27

Another possibility :

He prefer to take the stairs instead of the elevator. On his building stairs start only on 5th floor, are outside and aren't protected of rain. When the weather is ok he stops on the 5th floor and takes the stairs, but when it's raining he prefer to be dry and go directly on his floor.

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    $\begingroup$ Stairs start on the 5th floor?? Is that a thing? $\endgroup$ Commented Jul 16, 2015 at 13:23
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    $\begingroup$ Yeah, that's kind of silly ... feel free do downvote this if you think this is too weird ._. $\endgroup$ Commented Jul 16, 2015 at 13:41
  • $\begingroup$ @dennisdeems Could be some explanations, like stairs are broken. Could be that he prefers to take the outside stairs, which could possibly start at 5. I remember when someone asked me a murder mystery like this, this was the first thing I thought of. $\endgroup$
    – Duncan
    Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 17:03

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