Trying out hand on making puzzles here's one more puzzle for you guys.

On a Sunday morning, you were driving a bus on $C234s218$ street. After traveling about $200 m$ the driver stops the bus at the $1^{st}$ bus stop, 3 person board the bus. At the next stop 7 schoolchildren board the bus and 2 old women get off at that stop. Now the driver counts the no. of people, and while doing so he skipped the children who were not visible behind the seats. At next stop the bus empties and traces back its path. Meanwhile the driver hears 2 children arguing about the color

blue, black, green, brown etc.

The driver hearing this laughs and speeds away.

now the question is

What is the color of driver's eyes????

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    $\begingroup$ probably downvoted because despite the misdirection, it is actually a trivial puzzle of a form well known to even elementary/primary school students. $\endgroup$ – Tony Suffolk 66 Oct 7 '15 at 16:58


Brown, cause my eyes are brown and I'm driving the bus.


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