If a word has a certain property, I call it a Scientific Word™.

In each of the short, unrelated sentences below, only one of the choices is a Scientific Word™.

The sentences do not affect whether a word is a Scientific Word™. Case, font, and letter/word appearance do not matter.

  1. The child's mother gave him a (apple/banana) as a healthy snack.
  2. When queried with the question about a raise, Dave's boss said (no/yes).
  3. Billy's breakfast consisted of (bacon/beans), eggs, and toast.
  4. The snake's sharp fangs contained a deadly (poison/venom) ready to be inserted into your bloodstream at the slightest movement.
  5. Jerry's computer had gotten infected with (a) (virus/malware).
  6. The soldier died out in (war/battle).
  7. After Riley had died so many times on his video game, he was filled with (anger/rage).
  8. The same series of events had happened years (ago/before), and the result was not good.
  9. Joe has such a smart (brain/mind).
  10. To be nice, Sarah offered her umbrella to an old (lady/woman).

What makes a word a Scientific Word™?

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I think a Scientific Word™ is one that

that scientists around the world can use without any ambiguity, simply because these words are composed entirely from the symbols of elements in the periodic table.


Ba Na Na (Barium Sodium Sodium)


No (Nobelium)


Ba Co N (Barium Cobalt Nitrogen)


Po I S O N (Polonium Iodine Sulphur Oxygen Nitrogen)


V I Ru S (Vanadium Iodine Rubidium Sulphur)


W Ar (Tungsten Argon)


Ra Ge (Radium Germanium)


Ag O (Silver Oxygen)


B Ra In (Boron Radium Indium)


La Dy (Lanthanum Dyprosium)

All other words do not follow this Scientific Rule (patent pending).

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