I'm slower than a sloth, yet have been known to travel faster than sound. Printers think I'm good for nothing yet bartenders charge good money for me. What am I?

The answer is a single English word. It can be found in any ordinary dictionary. No hyphens no trickery. No proper names fictional or non-fictional. Just an ordinary word. Not an abstract noun or nebulous concept. You can see and touch these just like you could, say, a tennis ball or a table (These objects aren't clues, they're just random examples of tangible objects).

Note: "Slower than a sloth" should be taken to relate to a race between me and the sloth. We would both move under our own power at our fastest speed towards the finishing line but the sloth would win.

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Is it:


slower than a sloth

slugs (the animal) are known to move slowly.

faster than sound

"slug" can also refer to a bullet.


in typesetting, the "slug" is an area that contains instructions for the printer, but is trimmed off and discarded after a document is printed.


a "slug" also means a shot of an alcoholic drink.

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  • $\begingroup$ here: computerhope.com/jargon/s/slugarea.htm "A slug area is the name used to describe the area outside the printing area and bleed area of a document that contains the registration mark and other printing instructions for the printer." Nice answer! $\endgroup$
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Got it! It's a


Slower than a sloth:

Slugs travel up to 0.01 m/s, sloths about 0.03 m/s on the ground.

Faster than sound:

Bullets are called slugs too, and most of them travel faster than sound.

Printers think I'm good for nothing:

Slugs are used in printing to space paragraphs, so are in a sense good for "nothing" (space.)

Bartenders charge good money for me:

A slug is also a shot of liquor.

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Okay, probably not the real answer, but is it a:


Slower than a sloth:

Very literally, shot is the pellets in a shotgun or the ball tossed by a shotputter. They're inanimate so they don't move at all.

Faster than sound:

Most guns shoot bullets faster than sound.

Printers think I'm good for nothing:

(This is a stretch.) Printers are interested in words, not pictures. They would prefer a good page of well-typeset text to your shot of the same subject.

And of course, bartenders charge good money for me!

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Is it

water ?

Race (speculative):

Depending on the landscape it would flow towards the finishing line, but extremely slow, so a sloth could win.

Faster than sound:

There are waterjet cutter. But i honestly don't know how fast the water will get there.


Water destroys the work of printers or make them nearly useless if the paper is soaked.


Water is sometimes more expensive than other drinks


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