I was talking with a friend via SMS when suddently, he sent me a strange message :


I asked what was going on but he didn't answer me ...
Can someone help me, what did he tell me ?


Hint 1 :

Tags can help you

Hint 2 :

Context is like size ... it matters.

Hint 3 :

This is a joke, there are only 2 hints.

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If you interpret each two-digit number as

The second number repeated the first number of times, so that (39) becomes 999,

We can interpret the full string as:


Which looks a lot like

Texting on an old phone keyboard.

Interpreting the numbers in this way gives us the string


Which, with spaces, says

My Nokia is out of yrett.,

I expect this last word is 'battery' backwards, since ".," would be AB if it were on the second key, and not the first. I have yet to determine why that last word is backwards in the first place.

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    Mar 13, 2016 at 14:28

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