Below is a rebus set, each of which unveils the lyrics of a song. Your job is to name the song and artist, as well as provide a translation for the rebus elements.


$\delta{u(mind)} \approx \delta{girl(clothes)}$


%> echo drunk > choir ; touch -t 07180000 choir
%> cmp my_goals choir


Person p1 = new Child();
Person p2 = new Person();
Person i = p2.spawnWith(p1);
i.name = p2.name;
i.gender = kFemale;

Note (hint?): I expect 2 and 3 to be tricky for most people under the age of 30.


#3 might be easier to get if you read from bottom to top.

Hint 2:

#3 is a song pleading for a divine entity that calls Alabama home.

Hint 3:

#3 was released on a self-titled album in 1971 by a Chicago-based country/folk artist.

  • $\begingroup$ I'm 30 and number 3 is still tricky. $\endgroup$ Jul 20, 2015 at 13:37

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Hot and Cold by Katy Perry


You change your mind Like a girl changes clothes


Angel from Montgomery by John Prine


I am an old woman named after my mother My old man is another child that's grown old


p1 is the father
p2 is the mother
i is "me"

i.age(); and i.gender = kFemale; $->$ I am an old woman
i.name = p2.name; $->$ named after my mother
Person i = p2.spawnWith(p1); $->$ p2 and p1 are the parents of i p1.age(); $->$ My old man
Person p1 = new Child(); $->$ is another child

  1. The song and artist are:

"Bird on the Wire" by Leonard Cohen


The rebus represents the lyrics "like a drunk in a midnight choir".

%> echo drunk > choir ; touch -t 07180000 choir

The echo command created a file named choir containing the text drunk. This represents a drunk being in a choir. Then the touch command set the timestamp on the choir file to July 18 00:00 (midnight). This represents a drunk being in a midnight choir.

%> cmp my_goals choir

The cmp command compared the files my_goals and choir and did not find any differences. Therefore you could say the my_goals file is "like a drunk in a midnight choir".


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