Hey guys, I've been into brainteasers since I was little and recently decided to make a puzzle-related website. I figured that this will be the best place to share some of my problems and see if they are any fun. I guess they are too easy, but hope that will entertain you for a bit.

Perfect Day

This morning I woke up at 9 o'clock. My first job was to drink a glass of water and brush my teeth. After that I ate an apple, 3 bananas (I love them!) and a toast with almond butter for breakfast. Then I went to gym for one hour, took a shower there and came back home at eleven. Cooked few pieces of chicken with some small potatoes for lunch, ate all of them. In the afternoon I started working on my projects while listening to classical music. In the evening I went for the 2nd time to the gym, did cardio for half-an-hour and after that visited my friend's apartment. We had together one big pizza for dinner and at the end I fell asleep on his couch. As you can see, my entire day was perfect, except that my laptop keyboard broke. Can you figure out what's wrong with it?

P.S. Please, let me know if you have seen identical puzzle elsewhere, don't want to take someone's credit, even accidentally.


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Could it be..

The number one (1) key is broken since you had to spell out one and eleven where you used actual numbers in other places.

  • $\begingroup$ But what about the !? $\endgroup$
    – No Name
    Feb 20 at 0:12

My guess is that

the letter Q is broken


You use every letter but Q in your puzzle

  • $\begingroup$ Hello and thank you for your comment:) Even though you are on the right track, there is a little bit more convincing answer. $\endgroup$ Jul 16, 2015 at 19:03

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