You are walking through the prairie when you find a madman wandering around talking to himself. The following is what you manage to hear of his speech:

"How? I - I'll ask her. I owe her much, again. I'd a home on town, a tax as florid as out the coat, a virgin a year. Oh, yodel - aware you take all or I do. Never the road: I'll land in the Anna-Marie land. Main can's a sore gone; tennis is out t'car. Oh, line a canned turkey!"

What is the man really talking about?

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    $\begingroup$ Plot twist - You are the only one in the prairie. You, are the madman! $\endgroup$
    – Mark N
    Jun 17, 2015 at 12:15
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    $\begingroup$ Anna-Marie land and yodel - aware kinda gave it away. $\endgroup$ Jun 17, 2015 at 20:51

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I guess he's talking about

States in America.

"How? - I" = Hawaii
"I'll ask her." = Alaska
"I owe her" = Iowa
"much again" = Michigan
"I'd a ho..." = Idaho
"...me on town, a" = Montana
"tax as" = Texas
"florid a..." = Florida
"...s out the coat, a" = South Dakota
"virgin a year." = Virginia
"Oh yo..." = Ohio
"...del - aware" = Delaware
"You ta..." = Utah
"...ke all or i do" = Colorado
"Never the" = Nevada
"road: I'll land" = Rhode Island
"in the Anna-..." = Indiana
"...Marie land" = Maryland
"Main" = Maine
"can's a s..." = Kansas
"...ore gone;" = Oregon
"tennis i..." = Tennessee
"...s out t'car. Oh line a" = South Carolina
"canned Turkey" = Kentucky

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Short :

He is talking about the states in the United States.


"Hawaii Alaska Iowa Michigan Idaho Montana Texas Florida SouthDakota Virginia Ohio Delaware Utah Colorado Nevada RhodeIsland Indiana Maryland Maine Kansas Oregon Tennessee SouthCarolina Kentucky"


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