It was a dark and stormy night...

No wait, no it wasn't! It was a clear sunny day. When Brian had 3 of his old buddies from school over for a get together in Texas. They were all aged 35.

His friends were named Louis, Gus (or "Augustine") and Diana. Brian didn't know it, but this would be his last day on the face of the Earth.

Brian did however know the history behind his friends. He knew which one of them was a murderer. He had for years. He only considerered the possibility of him getting killed last minute.

He wrote the following letter:

Dear whomever it may concern,

This is very important. It's become the centre of my attention that I could die on this very day, 8/6/2015. I am leaving this message in hopes to tell you who it is but in all the current emotions I can't remember his name.
I apologise if this doesn't work out, but I'm trying my best. Be sure to analyse this letter very carefully. Now just in case I will be travelling to a new world, goodbye.

Using all the given information in this puzzle, what is the most accurate guess at the murderer you can possibly make?

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My guess:

Gus (Augustine)


Centre is misspelled to draw attention to it. Center fits as "Gus" is a nickname from Augustine and it is also the middle name of the namesake Augustine of Hippo (Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis).
Second, the switch of month and day (today is 6/8/2015, as the OP states they are in Texas should use American date) points to August when corrected.
Then can't remember his name means it has to be Louis or Gus.
Also, though this may have nothing to do with it, I like St. Augustine New World Gin
Update: Also apologise provide two possible clues: one it starts with a, ends with e, and is the same number of letters as Augustine and Augustine of Hippo is famous for an apology (here meaning reasoning for belief or reasoned defense of faith).
And I really just took analyse as a hint that you needed to analyze the miss-spellings.

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    $\begingroup$ Also, not part of the puzzle, but still a nice bit of information, Augustine is a British name. $\endgroup$
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Wild guess here:

The killer is Diana


Brian "can't remember his name", because the killer is not a "he". So he has to "remember her name". Also two Dianas are born August 6.


Obviously Gus, as OP spend extra time describing him (giving both name and nickname). Also the month in the date of the letter is August.


I would say the murderer is



Brian is informing Gus (as reference to the date (8(August)/6/2015). "...I could die on this very day, 8/6/2015. I am leaving this message in hopes to tell you ...".
This means Brian is informing about the other male character (remember his name...) who is Louis.

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